Anglican Parish of Central Kings

Christ Church, Bloomfield, 1811
Church of the Ascension, Lower Norton Shore, 1845
Trinity Church, Springfield, 1820
We are a Christ Centered, Mission Minded, Community of Faith

The Venerable Rob Marsh Priest-in-Charge Parish
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Youth Council meets in Diocese of Fredericton


Goats Goast and More goatJeannethe Lara is a Development Program Coordinator for PWRDF.

Mirsa Araceli Chinchilla Godoy was born in Josefinos, Guatemala in 1981. Just three months later as the civil war emerged, “the massacre of Josefinos” forced her family to escape under cover of night. To prevent being discovered by soldiers, her mother covered her mouth to stop her from making any noise.

Mirsa’s family survived the massacre – executed by the military and the Kaibiles, a Guatemalan special elite force – by fleeing to Campeche, Mexico. She spent her childhood in a refugee camp in poverty, living for years in a nylon tent. Only when the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid and the UN High Commission for Refugees granted them refugee status were they given food assistance, a parcel of land for a house and work permits. They all managed to survive. To read the rest of the story:








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